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So, How Did Online Bingo Come to Be?

Bingo is a game that comes under a gambling category which means that you have to spend money in the hope of winning a better amount. This means there are age restrictions and you must be a certain age to play the game. Please note that every country has different gambling laws which you need to check before playing the game. The game today is categorised into two groups; 75 ball bingo – where 9x3 cards are used and 75 ball bingo – were 5x5 grids are used.
Numbers are then yelled out by a bingo caller that are picked at random with a machine. The players then mark of the numbers on bingo cards until one person manages to mark of all the number on their card or a specified bingo pattern that is mentioned before the game starts. The game will then be verified by the bingo caller to make sure no cheating was going on or incorrect numbers were marked. The game we know today has come a long way in the last few centuries.
Lottery was introduced before bingo which became very popular amongst people and the government. The game was called "Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia", which literally means "The Clearance of The Lot of Italy" and originated in Italy in the 16th century. As the years went by this simple game evolved into the game we know today, bingo.
The game’s history may vary from person to person and we may never know the exact origins of bingo but one theory is, the game bingo when it was first created was not known as bingo but the word “beano”. The game got found by a man known as Mr. Edwin S. Lowe who was a salesman from New York. He saw the game being played at a festival in Atlanta, Georgia. The name “beano” was used because beans were used to cover the numbers on the cards. Someone then accidently yelled the word “Bingo” instead of “Beano” one day so the game was known as Bingo from then on.
Edwin S. Lowe then met with a Mathematics Professor who was called Carl Leffler from Columbia University. Between them between they then altered bingo cards and ex-cogitated 6,000 dissimilar bingo cards.
Bingo is a game that is played both online and at bingo halls where huge sums of cash are always up for grabs. The game is even a hit at sea side towns where the famous 75 ball bingo is played using a 5x5 grid.
Nowadays bingo is not as popular as it once was in bingo halls and most people tend to play  bingo online on computers. The game is more automated online where tickets are picked automatically, the numbers are called automatically and even the numbers are marked off for you automatically. With the simplicity of registering and playing bingo online in a matter of minutes it is no wonder that online bingo is the most popular version of the game.


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